About Us



Chanael Trading PLC is one of a legally registered and licensed coffee exporter that has been established by three energetic friends in November, 2022 with an initial capital 3,000,000 (Three Million birr). All the partners have rich experiences in coffee business for a long period of time at farm level, primary market, coffee processing industry, marketing and top management level.

Chanael Trading PLC exports annually on average about 2,000 Tons of Washed and Natural specialty coffee  of Guji, Yirgachafe, Sidama, Limmu, Djimma, Kaffa and Ilubabori green coffee beans for worldwide market.  The coffee business line of the company has a well-structured organization and management system where all the activities of the coffee purchasing, processing, and export are focused on delivering good and consistent quality coffee, timely execution of contracts, and high level customers satisfaction.



To become the leading coffee Arabica exporter in Ethiopia by providing a wide range of specialty coffee based on quality/flavor, traceability, sustainability, and eco-friendly models with highly qualified and motivated Human Resource.



To be one of the strongest and most trustworthy coffee exporter in Ethiopia

Core Values


Our core values details below are the operating principles that guide our internal conduct as well as our relationship with our customers, partners, and shareholders.